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Our 2014/2015 homeschool book list

Rosie Grade 4
Faith and Life 4th grade
Pathway Readers
Saxon Math
Harmony Arts
Brave Writer writing and literature
Spelling USee
Creation Science-  Astronomy
Geography through Literature
Saturday Soccer League
Piano Lessons with Mr. Beshore
Art Lessons Mrs. Lucia
CYO Cross Country Team

Isadora Grade 10
Didache Series
A variety of literature books
American Literature Bob Jones University Press
American Literature James Stobaugh
American History James Stobaugh
Geometry Math USee
Diane Craft Reading Program
American Sign Language Signing Online
Spelling USee
Exploring Creation with Physical Science
A variety of recorded classes from Homeschool Connections
Brave Writer program Writer's Jungle
Harmony Arts
Art Studies at Art Institute
Jewelry Making- Mr. Pete LaVictoire
Parish Choir St. Sebastians
Saturday Soccer League

Algebra II MathUsee
British  Literature - James Stobaugh
Handbook for Literary analysis.
Exploring Creation with Biology
Instacert History
British History - James Stobaugh
Variety of programs at Homeschool Connections including literature
Harmony Arts
Writing Institute
Runkle Geography
Spelling USee
Parish Choir St. Sebastian
Bell Choir
Piano Lessons - Mr. Beshore
Saturday Soccer League
Firestone High School Cross Country and running club