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Hunting the White Cow by Tres Seymour- a review

Once in a while, as I'm rushing through the library trying to get everything I need and things that Rosie or the teens want, I see something displayed on one of the book cases and think, "That might be interesting.  Let's try it."

So I'll pick it up and throw it into the book basket and off we go.  Hunting the White Cow by Tres Seymour was such a book.

It's the story of one family's epic struggle to find their rennigade white cow and bring her back to the family farm.  But this cow isn't so easily caught, as all of the men folk, including the very experienced cow-caller grandpa, are soon to discover. The farmer's little girl has her own chance encounter with this awesome cow in a delightful war of wills.  Mama's cryptic remarks throughout the tale, trying to keep the menfolk real, are priceless.

The repeating phrases and use of sight words, make this a good one for developing readers, and the story is interesting enough that they'll want to keep practicing.

The book is captivating and enjoyable, the illustrations are precious and give a great feel to the overall story.  This is one picture book that parents won't mind reading over and over again and children will treasure.

Rosie read it for her assessment this year, and our assessor asked me to record it and send it to her.  So here it is.  Rosie reading Hunting the White Cow.