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My Domestic Church - links of the Day!

Spring might actually get here - weather wise I mean!

I have always wanted to try my hand at growing my own herbs.  Blissfully Domestic has a post on the five easiest herbs to grow!  Seems like a great place to start.

Blissfully Domestic also has some ideas for a Frozen party (the movie, not the weather.) Rosie LOVES that movie, so I see a potential theme for her birthday party (even though her birthday is in June!)

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Table Display

The Organizing Junkie shares one of her favorite organizing magazines - and it looks intriguing.
magazine picture 1

Storybook Woods has a beautiful old fashioned kitchen.  She shows it off a little in this pretty post.  She also has a unique way of using an old silver urn.  I have several old silver pieces and this inspires me to do something with them.

Shabby Vintage Chic has some cute old fashioned kitchen themes as well. I really want to do something with my kitchen.  It's been gray since Calvin was born, and now that my kids are older, it definitely needs a rehab.

Mint green doesn't seem too bad!

Likemotherlikedaughter shares ideas about the Stations of the Cross and children.
An excerpt:
Help them see the numbers, the descriptions, and the images. But don’t worry about more than that. Fourteen things is a lot to assimilate all at once. Just get the idea across that they are there.Later, maybe in the car going home, you can tell them that Jesus, from the time he was condemned until he was put in the tomb, went along a certain path in Jerusalem. People go there to that place just to follow his footsteps and to think about how it was for him — and that he did it all for us. Some day maybe we will go there, but for now, we can go in our imagination…At the Stations of the Cross service, I hope it will be led by the priest and that people will actually follow him around the church to stop at each station.Now, here’s the important part. You need to go there so that you can pray the Stations as your devotion. Not to “teach” the kids. They are coming along because they go places with you.Will they be squirmy? Probably.Will they slide under the pew and hit their heads on the rack that holds the missalettes and hymnals? Yes.Will they have no clue as to what’s going on? Pretty much.
Shower of Roses shares these beautiful pillow cases.

And lastly Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight shares her organization skills in a very practical and inspiring way!
I use the little yellow sticky note to keep track of repetitive but necessary daily tasks - the cats, EB's meds, LB meals, the mail, the daily paper, the dishwasher, trash. Turning the note on its side, I made a column for each day, Monday - Sunday. I just check things off as we do them. The meds get 2 checks (a.m. and p.m.), LB's meals get 3 (breakfast, lunch, dinner). It sounds very simple and it is - but it's been working well for me lately, so I'm sticking with it! (For now.)
I know to some it may seem silly to actually write down and check off little chores like that - things I do every single day, you'd think they'd be ingrained in my brain, right? Well, my friends, my brain is not the place it used to be, lol ... there's a lot up there fighting for space and attention, and it's pretty tired most of the time, so I find it quite helpful to have a visual reminder of those tasks that really need to get done. And making those little checks feels good, too! I won't deny it. ;)
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