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Homeschool alumnus and Akron Digital Academy Graduate to be sworn in as Paramedic in Cleveland Today

Today is a big day for Calvin LaVictoire.   After a challenging paramedic course at Akron General and years of experience as an EMT-Basic, as well as the rigorous physical and academic three-month long program required by the City of Cleveland, Calvin will be officially sworn in today as a paramedic for the city. This is his dream job and we are just so proud of him.

Calvin was homeschooled from kindergarten through seventh grade.  I wrote about his reading problems here.  He overcame those and went on to became a student at Akron Digital Academy through 12 grade.  Calvin also swam on the Firestone Swim Team after his father and I fought for his right to do so, and you can read about that here.    His story was featured on the Daily Show.

Calvin received his EMT-Basic training and his paramedic training from Akron General Medical Center. He is a good example of how it is possible for homeschoolers and charter school students to be successful in today's economy, and that it doesn't always require a college degree or college debt to achieve it!

Pictures to follow later today.  Congratulations Cal. 
Photo: New EMS toy.

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