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Our 2013 - 2014 Book Lists for Ohio Homeschool Notification

Book list 2013/14

Rosie Grade 3
Image of God for 3rd Grade
Pathway Readers
Saxon Math
MCP Phonics
Harmony Arts
The Wand
Spelling Wisdom  From Simply
Creation Science- Botany and Astronomy
Geography through Literature
Saturday Soccer League
Piano Lessons with Mrs. Grubb
CYO Cross Country Team
Children’s Choir

Isadora Grade 9
Introduction to Catholicism - Didache Series
Prairie Primer
A variety of literature books
Saxon math - Algebra I with Mr. Drexler
Diane Craft Reading Program
Easy Grammar
Spelling Wisdom
Exploring Creation with Physical Science
A variety of recorded classes from Homeschool Connections
Brave Writer program Writer's Jungle
Harmony Arts
Runkel Geography
Art Studies at Art Institute
Jewelry Making- Mr. Pete LaVictoire
Parish Choir St. Sebastians
Saturday Soccer League

Understanding the Scriptures-Didache
Geometry with Mr. Drexler.
American Literature - James Stobaugh
Handbook for Literary analysis.
American Literature Bob Jones University Press
Exploring Creation with Biology
Instacert History
American History- James Stobaugh
Rosetta Stone Latin  III
Variety of programs at Homeschool Connections including literature
Harmony Arts
Writing Institute
Runkle Geography
Spelling Wisdom
Parish Choir St. Sebastian
Bell Choir
Piano Lessons - Ms. Malinak
Saturday Soccer League
Firestone High School Cross Country and running club

Algebra 2 – with Mr.  Drexler
Spelling – via Dr. Karen Holinga
Variety of Classes via Homeschool Connections
Spelling Wisdom
Composition Class Writing Institute
British History
British Literature
Brave Writer
Typing Tutor
Instacert History
Exploring Creation With Biology - Full Set with Tests and Solutions

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