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Happy 18th Birthday Gabe

Today my third son becomes a legal adult.  This coming year is going to be full of challenges as we finish up high school, but also some joyful moments as well.

Here's a look back at some of Gabe's past birthdays and a few of them include a link to his birthstory - Gabe was my 10 pound - almost 11 pound VBAC baby born in the living room with a midwife!  And I'm still pretty proud of that accomplishment! And as I look back at these pictures, I'm pretty proud of the young man Gabe has become too.

Gabe at 17
Gabe at 16
Gabe at 15
Gabe at 13

Gabe 006

Gabe 002
When kids hold the camera

Goofy Gabe
Gabe's soccer season 2005

Gabe as Father Damien

Gabe pondering his math book

Memorial day weekend 2006 016

Gabe first meet of the year

Gabe May 1, 2010

Soccer gabe

Gabe drumming

Gabe singing in the choir

Gabe and Katie Prom 2013

June 2013 005

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