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1. Today my very sweet sister, took Izzy, Rosie, our friend T, and me up to the Cleveland Museum of Art!  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the ride, the exhibits and the company very much!



2.  This particular painting in the exhibit seemed especially appropriate to share, since we saw it on the actual Feast Day of Sts. Joachim and Ann!  It's entitled:

Presentation Sketch for "The Holy Family with Saints Anne, Joachim, and John the Baptist" (for Santa Maria in Via Lata, Roma), c. 1729  by
Francesco Trevisani (Italian, 1656-1746)

3.  Humane Vitae, the historic encyclical by Paul VI reaffirming the church's stand against artificial birth control turned 45 this week. This was one event that reaffirmed for me that the Catholic Church is protected from error, by God.  If Pope Paul had given in and allowed the use of the birth control pill, the church's teaching would have lost all credibility on pro-life issues when it was discovered that the pill is also abortifacient.  I know Pope Paul suffered a lot for taking this stand, but in retrospect, he was very wise and very right to do this
Wikimedia Commons

4.  I believe that the devil attacks and challenges the living - all the time. And he goes over whatever and whoever is being the most effective in bringing souls to the Lord.  I also believe that truly holy people are given challenges and tests precisely because they are so holy.

Which makes me think that it is not mere coincidence that two such strong Catholic young leaders such as Thomas Peters  and Matthew Kelly  are suffering from such dangerous medical conditions this week - and I am keeping both of them in my prayers.

I have followed Thomas's American Papist and then Catholic Vote blog for years.
Matthew Kelly actually spoke at my church a couple of times - and his " 10 minutes a day" is in my mind every day.

5.  Noah has been running with the cross country team six days a week, so he's probably putting on somewhere between 30 and 40 miles  week.  The coach said that he is running really well and he is pleased with his progress. I am just grateful to God that this opportunity came up for Noah so that he could really improve his running skills.

Unfortunately, the coach told me that the athletic director told him that since the new law doesn't take effect until October 1, Noah will not be allowed to compete with the team until the last week of the season.  But he will let Noah practice with the team and Noah will be able to participate in some regular 5K road races.  So it's better than it was before, but not perfect.

6.  Rosie starts her first CYO season in a few weeks too and she is so excited about it!   It's going to feel odd to have two kids running for two different teams though.

7.  This is me and Mr. Pete - we flip flop frequently though, which is probably what has kept our marriage going.

Last night, I was very upset and sad over something one of my sons said to me - and because he knows me so well, Mr. Pete texted our son to reprimand him, then found out where World Z was showing (because he knew I really wanted to see that movie) and then he took me to the 10:05 p.m. show. When the show was over, and the world wasn't infected with some weird rabies mutation, and Brad Pitt was safely with his family, I felt much better too.

  Mr. Pete takes good care of me!

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