My Spring Reading List!

After the heavier reading of Lent, I thought I'd like to continue some inspirational spiritual reading through the Easter season as well. 

Here's my book list!

Private and Pithy lessons from Scripture - Mother Angelica
Little Book of Life Lessons - Mother Angelica
Three to Get Married - Fulton Sheen
The Little Oratory
Diary Sister Faustina
Getting Past Perfect - Kate Wicker
The Words We Pray - Amy Welborn
Perfectly Yourself - Matthew Kelly 
Crossing the Threshold of Hope - Pope John Paul II

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What a Homeschooling Summer Looks Like

I've written before about why I homeschool in the summertime.  You can see my past articles below:

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20 Reasons to Homeschool Through the Summer

But in a nutshell- I homeschool in the summer because I do not want to be stressed out during the school year. I don't want to worry that they aren't going to get done with their math books, or that they are throwing off my timetable, or that we can't spend time doing something we'd rather do because we have to homeschool instead! !

This attitude has served me well through the birth of babies, hospitalizations, and the lengthy illness and death of my  mother.  We did what we had to do when we had to do it and I did't feel as if some artificial deadline was out there looming at the end of March or the beginning of June!


There is something different about homeschooling in the summertime, and I think there should be! First of all, I work the homeschooling around some of the other summer activities - like swimming lessons and sports clubs.  Those things only happen once a year and I want the kids to have a chance to participate in them.


My kids have also had opportunities to study more music and art in the summer too!

June 2010 102
Mr. Sivec, Sam and Gabe
Summer homeschooling also focuses more on being outside and exploring nature and taking care of a garden.  Astronomy is a good one to study in the summer too.


I still push with things like reading and math, but also subtly shift the focus over a little more to art and music.

and movies. Lots of movies.  A lot of homeschools talk about the classic books and classical music, but I believe that there are movies that a student should at least know about to be classically literate.  Today for example, we watched The Grapes of Wrath!  We also hope to catch the new James Franco movie, As I Lay Dying, which should come out after we finish reading the book!

Catch up or move ahead - Summer is a great time for the slower learner to catch up with his/ her lessons and for the faster student to pull ahead and get lessons done so there is time for other things they want to study.

All those little things around the house- re-calking, re-painting, re-tiling - any and all of that is homeschooling, especially for the high school student.

Family reads should dominate!

But the biggest thrill of summer homeschooling is discovery - whether it be history and science,




to zoology!

Izzy and Rosie feed goats at the zoo

or just stopping anywhere that seems unusual and interesting!
August 2010 152



And if we do it right, the kids should be looking forward to what summer school at home with mom and dad is going to look like every year!

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  1. Your summers look fun! I wonder if the kids even realize they are still doing school :)


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