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How liberals are winning the national debates

It's hard to be on social media these days, or even to watch t.v., listen to the radio or read the newspaper - if you are a conservative. Sometimes I just have to shut myself away from everything outside of my house and just dive into reading, or housework, or doing something with the kids and forget that I am part of some larger society out there. Because guys... we ain't winning over the hearts and minds of America - far from it. As I have been watching over the past few weeks, it is clear to me that liberal are winning this thing and winning it by hook or by crook, and no one seems to care. Here are some perfect examples.

1. They don't fight fair! A perfect example of this was a recent debate on same sex marriage on CNN featuring Piers Morgan, Suze Orman and Ryan Anderson.

I would assume that if this was going to be a fair and equal debate, that all three of the people involved would be sitting or standing in the same venue as equals.  That wasn't the case.  While Morgan and Orman are seated at a table on a stage, Mr. Ryan is seated along with the other members of the audience. The message is clear - Morgan and Orman are in the power position and Ryan is going to be subordinate to them.  I would also assume that since it is Morgan's show, that he would be acting as a host or moderator for the discussion, but that's not the case either. In fact it becomes clear very early on that he has chosen a side, and he is sitting at the table with Orman who also shares that position.

It appears to be a 2 against 1 situation right from the get to.
55 seconds into it Morgan is interogating Anderson. He doubles down at 1:06 and 1:20.
2:54 - false comparison between prisoners and Suze Orman, done deliberately to humiliate Mr. Anderson.
3:23 - if there was any doubt before that Morgan was going to be a moderator - it's all gone at this point.

The rest of the debate falls apart from there complete with condescension toward's Mr. Morgan at
5:33  and 5:40

part 2 is here. 

Orman patronizing Anderson at about 1:58
appeal to the majority logical fallacy starting at around 3 minutes.

Oh, and I love Morgan lecturing Anderson (in his thick English accent) about what is and isn't American.


2.  Liberals run the news and they are now deciding what to cover and what not to cover depending on how it affects their agenda.  Liberal commentator, Mark Lamont-Hill admits as much below.

3.  Liberals are not afraid to bully, while telling everyone else not too!  From the Prez calling senators cowards, to folks on facebook calling anti-SSM friends "Bigots" it's all an attempt to stop the dissent and get us all on board for the  free sex, anti-child, anti-gun, heavy tax burdened big-government states of America. The home of the debt ridden and land of the fearful.

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