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Sally Quinn and the irrelevancy of the Catholic Church

Rush Limbaugh discussed this clip on his program this morning. Sally Quinn states that the Catholic Church is becoming irrelevant because it "doesn't include women and gays."

She's entitled to her opinion, as misguided as it may be.  But Rush brought up a very good point that I want to bring up here:  Would she ever say the same thing about Islam?  Is Islam irrelevant because it seems to me that they have a worse record when it comes to women and gays than any other organized religion that I could think of!  Are those really the two issues that determine whether a religion is "relevant?"

File:Prevailing world religions map.png

Apparently she's still holding a grudge about being turned away from the Vatican for wearing inappropriate clothing - and she considers Garry Wills a "devout Catholic."

So whatever.

There's irrelevancy here, but it's not the church.  Ask a 7th grader if they've ever heard of Sally Quinn and there's your answer.

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