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My Personal Election Recovery Plan!

Election day is over and as it stands now at 12:14 a.m. Eastern time - it looks like the country unbelievably has voted to stay under the Obama regime.

Un@#x&*@# believable.

But as many friends have reminded me, it doesn't matter who the president is, God is still the king, and He will work out His plan in His own time, and I will have to be still and trust.

But I'm sure many of you feel like me - this a very hard defeat to take.  There are a few things I am going to do to move forward and keep enjoying the gift of life.

1.  I am going to stay off of Facebook and Twitter.  It's great all of my liberal friends get to celebrate and cheer and I don't want to be the official party pooper.  But it hurts to read and to watch so I'm just going to let them enjoy while I stay to myself.

2.  Make sure my finances are in order.  Mass inflation is coming and now there doesn't seem to be much we can do about it.  Paying off debt and being prepared will be my mission now.

3.  Increase my preparedness plan.  Mr. Pete and I already started a well stocked pantry, but I am going to add to that.  In the coming years food is going to be like gold - only going up in price.

4.  I'm planning my garden for next year too - which means a certain tree will have to go to give my backyard more light.

5.  I'm going to get my concealed carry.  It's time we started exercising our second amendment rights and I just think it's a good thing for the kids to know too.  I actually grew up around guns so in a way, this is getting back to my roots.

6.  Support homeschooling and encourage homeschoolers as much as possible.  Part of what happened tonight, in my opinion, is a result of an uneducated electorate.  What else would make a people who just survived over 8% unemployment and watch the national debt to soar to 16 trillion under one administration, put the same guy back into office?

7.  I will be more outspoken in defending my Catholic faith - because the war on the church is now officially on.  There is no reprieve expected and the cavalry is not coming.  And I will increase my own education and knowledge so that I can defend her to the absolute best of my ability, and teach my children to do the same thing.

8. Pray to ask the Lord to not harden my heart and tear open the wounded feelings that I have right now. It is going to be very hard for me to look at certain people for a while without bursting into tears.  So I guess that will start with a trip to confession this weekend.

9.  Get over it. For cryin out loud, my grandparents raised kids during the depression!  They made it through that special form of hell, only to plunge into world war II. I'm going to be worthy of my ancestors and get through this little blip in the road too.

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