My Spring Reading List!

After the heavier reading of Lent, I thought I'd like to continue some inspirational spiritual reading through the Easter season as well. 

Here's my book list!

Private and Pithy lessons from Scripture - Mother Angelica
Little Book of Life Lessons - Mother Angelica
Three to Get Married - Fulton Sheen
The Little Oratory
Diary Sister Faustina
Getting Past Perfect - Kate Wicker
The Words We Pray - Amy Welborn
Perfectly Yourself - Matthew Kelly 
Crossing the Threshold of Hope - Pope John Paul II

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Election discussions on facebook.

I refuse to answer my land line until Wednesday morning. More times than not, I answer the phone and it is not only NOT a person, but it is a recorded message that I have already listened to! So I'm kind of done with that.

I had some interesting discussions on Facebook this weekend, mostly with people who disagree with me. This is from my brother in law about this picture:

The exchange went as follows:

Brother-in-law:   be good republican and share the lie

Me:   I guess it would be a lie - if it weren't true.
15 Military Groups Oppose Obama Administration in Ohio Campaign Lawsuit (Video)

Brother-in-law:  did you even listen to or read the article? there was no attempt to take away military vote, there was an attempt to get everyone the same early voting right

Just a side note here - but the picture didn't say that he was trying to take away military rights.  Dear BIL just assumed that I guess.  In fact every liberal  I have talked or written to about this seems to think, "What's the big deal?  He just wants them to vote like everyone else - as though being in a different country under a lot of stress isn't a big deal... but whatever.

Me:   Military aren't "everyone." Do you really think the guy in Afghanistan on patrol is the same as any other voter?

Brother-in-law: yes, and this would never even come about if the republicans weren't trying to suppress minority vote in every state that has a GOP contoled government

Another side note - - he's changing the subject, so I just went with it.

Me:   Republicans aren't trying to suppress votes. I think it would be nice if only citizens voted - once. I also think it would be nice if only living people were allowed to vote. Maybe what you should be supporting making official photo ids more accessible.

BIL: The percentage of voter fraud is so small that there isn't enough room for all the zeros, also get out of your fixed news bubble and you find there is tons of attempted voter suppression in every gop state

Me: Why do you think Ohio is a GOP state? It went Obama in 2008. It's 50/50 split in the polls right now, and our house is in such a deeply democratic area that we don't dare put out any kind of political signage.

Brother-in-law:  on that point I would say you are correct, two days and no more political bickering from me

Me:   I'm usually correct Bro. My percentage of error is so small there isn't enough room for all the zeros. Just sayin...;-)

Brother-in-law:  touchehehehe

So all is well that ends well with that exchange.

Next up was a young lady who is going to vote third party, no matter what!  She is determined that it is of the utmost important to vote third party in this election so that Gary Johnson can get 5% of the vote, so that next time he can get all the perks that the Republicans and Democrats get.

Elena, but if the media would allow a third party to participate in the debates, and give them equal airtime as the other candidates, wouldn't that raise the chances of a successful third party? The reason for the lack of success more is due to lack of media attention which the other candidates get. If say the democrats didn't get any attention from TV, radio, newspapers etc, would they have the success rate they currently have or would the people dismiss them as a useless party? The point is, people want more options and they have them. They just don't hear about them which makes them think that only two parties matter. If libertarian candidate Gary Johnson gets five percent of the votes, he'll get federal funding in the next election as well as be allowed participate in televised debates. THAT is why people are choosing to vote third party this election. People want more options and they're fighting for it. 

My reply was:

I totally agree with you that the media does all it can to influence these elections! You might want to research the 1992 election where we did have a viable third party candidate in a man named Ross Perot. Not only did Perot get on the ballot in all 50 states, he also participated in the national debates! (As did his running mate which was kind of endearing and I remember it to this day!)

 Of course Perot had the funds to run such a campaign, but also because he was pulling from people who would normally have voted for Bush Sr., Bill Clinton won the presidency. It's my theory that the media will always support viable third party candidates that have a chance of pulling votes from the republicans, because it helps the more liberal candidates. I also think people who lived through the 1992 election might be more cautious now of a third party candidate. I do see things we can do at a grass roots level moving forward. We have to start holding our schools accountable for educating our students and not just indoctrinating them! I think vouchers and schools of choice run by parents would go a long way towards this - and of course more support for homeschooling. 

 I also think we have to start holding journalists to a higher standard of integrity - so that they report the news instead of making or manipulating it. If your generation starts,  that might make a real difference in the next 15 to 20 years and leave a better and stronger country for your kids. But for now, I see some real issues we have to be concerned about including repealing Obama care and getting constitutional justices on the supreme court, as well as protecting the unborn, and for that reason, in my opinion, it is not a prudent time to support third party candidates and more of a reason to take over the white house and control of the senate. It is a free country - you are free to vote as you choose. God Bless America

I think we have agreed to disagree on this one.

But the most disheartening exchanges were with a mother/daughter duo who are Catholics. They both pride themselves on being outspoken and "sharing" their views.  However, they aren't so keen on accepting feedback on those views.   Their explanation goes something like this - the mother witnessed a lot of child abuse as a child and as a young health care worker, so she believes some people should never become parents and that is why she is pro-choice.  She also believes in the separation of church and state - so she leaves her "values and morals"  outside the balloting place.  The daughter summed it up this way:

I, like my mother, am an outspoken person. This was not me attacking anybody or their opinions-it was simply my own opinion. I do the best I can to be an informed and faithful citizen but, I am not going to let my faith be the only deciding factor.

My parting reply to her was, "Lastly, I believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God, and I believe in his Holy Catholic Apostolic Church and I believe all that the holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God. It is the only deciding factor in whatever I do in my life. Or really, what's the point?"

I am unsure how those relationships will be after this election. I know my facebook habits with them will change.

Looking so forward to Wednesday!

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