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A mother's poem

What happened to my mother's heart so many years ago
That miscarried the body of my child that died and wouldn't grow

A heart once filled with love and joy then turned to dreadful fear
The hopes and dreams that left me then, I ponder every year

My baby boy lay on his side, sweet palm under his face
His soft angelic look of peace brought me and Daddy grace

A grace that never left me when I placed him in his tomb
A grace that gave me solace and healed my empty womb

A decade's time has come and gone, I still can see my baby
but with a strength from God above I still have hope that maybe

My mother's heart was touched by heaven and healed of all its sorrow
I love you little child of mine, and will see you some tomorrow

In Memoriam
Raphael LaVictoire
November 2, 2002


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