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Last Night's Debate and Why I Think Romney Prevailed.

What a debate!

  • Carefully selected -off the wall questions!  
  • A partisan moderator who couldn't contain her partisanship!  
  • and a debate that almost got physical!  
All that made for one of the most interesting debates in recent history!   It seems that the president has decided that he really wants this job after and actually "brought it" to this debate, and of course Candy Crowley - in an attempt to honor her position as the first female moderator of a presidential debate - stepped in it with both feet. 

Despite all that - I think Romney did very well and might even be considered the winner.  Here's why:

1.  He's not easily intimidated.  Even with Obama getting into his personal space and trying to shout him down, Romney held is ground.  And frankly, that's what I want in the leader who is going to defend my country and my interests to the Tri-Coms or a S. American dictator, or even passionate members of congress!

2.  He kept reiterating Obama's failed record of economic policies - over, and over, and over again. Just hearing the litany of truth like that is very, very powerful.

3.  And he doubled down by reiterating his own successful background as a business man and as a governor.

4.  He didn't let Obama or Crowley mischaracterize what his plans and positions actually are. He stood up for himself - firmly!

5.  He was definitely the underdog last night and people liked that.  Crowley wouldn't give him the last word and she deferred extra time to the president, and I don't think people like to see that kind of blatant preferential treatment.  That can only work in Romney's favor.

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