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Fun with Debates - my latest at the HP

Sometimes I have such outrageous debates on line (particularly at the Huffington Post) that they just deserve to be saved in their own little space on the blog.

This was one such exchange. Here I basically ask an Obama supporter to cite a source for me so that I can reconsider my position.  I ask them to go ahead and make a compelling case.  Silliness ensued.

Me (speaking about the Obama administration accomplishments:)    
The deficit is much higher and our defenses are much lower.

Not so Worth Opponent (NSWO)
C'mon you don't give a rats a** about the deficit or the defenses, be original in your opinion. You just heard a complete republican idiot say the same thing and you took it and ran with it. Actually it IS better than it was and better than it will be under romney...especially for you. WAKE THE **** UP GEEZ!

OK - cite me a source or link me to a credible unbiased source. Make a compelling case. I'm all ears.

make a case why???? you're fixed on romney, I support Obama, regardless of what you say about Obama WILL NOT change the way I vote. Just be original, your opinion is really based on hatred more than anything else. besides, there's many of links for both romney & Obama, positive & negavtive. I don't need a link to make my decision, romney is just not for me. I'm middle class and I would love to keep my job.

Obama / Biden 2012

This is so typical of what I see here on Huff Po- lots of rhetoric but nothing of substance.

yeah, you must've read all of your stuff after you post it.

Thanks for being Exhibit A.

OMG....please go somewhere and think for a change, you're embarrassing yourself.

and Exhibit B

LOL so weak. typical though

and C - the gift that just keeps on giving.

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