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Gabe at 17

Gabriel aka Gabe, turned 17 yesterday. If it hadn't been a Sunday we would be remembering the Feast of Mary Magdalene. I like to think that things happen for a reason and I told Gabe that maybe he was born on that feast day to remind him that no matter what he has done, he can always turn his life around and come back to Jesus, and Jesus will still love and forgive him, just as He did Mary Magdalene.

I wrote Gabe's Birth Story out last year. Gabe was always a very happy little baby.  He was sooo big and at almost 11 pounds!  It hurt my back and built up my arm muscles carrying him around! I remember feeling very proud of my happy big baby.  Gabe also loved his baby swing.  At the time, Mr. Pete had just quit his job and was starting his own business.  With no income, and lots of bills plus two other little boys to take care of, I had to take on a lot of transcription work. Luckily for me, I could put Gabe in the baby swing behind me and he was content for hours.  Neither of the other babies had been like that, so I was grateful that Gabe was.

Gabe was also a late talker. He didn't talk until he was over three years old. Not a word.  So I find it incredibly ironic that he is now the lead singer and the emcee for the rock band he plays in with his brother! God answered my prayers on that score abundantly.

Gabe had a bit of a crisis of faith this summer - He didn't feel that rush of emotion and awe at the Catholic Youth Conference this summer and he felt very bad about it- but Father P. told him that when we get older and mature in our faith, sometimes God whispers to us, and we have to learn to be quiet, be still and to listen.  I think Gabe appreciated that advice a great deal.


Gabe is doing much better academically, although he doesn't want to go to college. That's okay with me- not everyone is meant to go to college, so we are looking at other options like apprenticeships. In the meantime Gabe is painting the house and learning to do some car repairs - things like that. Skills that will safe him a lot of money in the future.

But as he still has two more years of high school, I will continue to give him a college prep education and have him take the ACTs, just so that he can keep his options open.

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Yesterday we went to Lake Erie to celebrate both birthdays - Happy Birthday to my Boys of Summer!


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