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My Daily Domestic Clips 06/06/2012 (a.m.)

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Janette said…
We are finding that the price of a private college is rarely worth it. There are some jobs that require college.
My son is doing a job that is also done by non college people. He has a degree in physics from a private college.
My son in law does not have a degree and is head of his department with mostly masters level people working under him. He can do it as an independent contractor, but the company itself will not hire him if he does not have a degree....
I'd say of you want a professional position and can get a hardships, go for the degree. If you don't go for the military and get trained. Make sure your contract states exactly what you want to do though or you may end up driving a tank which translates to little on the outside.
Janette said…
That would be scholarships not hardships. My iPad often does its own thing these days!