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A Last Supper Craft

Last year we made this adorable craft featured on the Catholic Icing Blog. It was a lot of fun and Rosie in particular had a good time with it. But I put it away after Easter and when I got it out this year it just looked kind of worse for wear. I decided to "ramp it up" a little bit so that I could have a craft that could last for a few more years.

I still used Lacy's Last Supper Downloads, which are available for free on her site. Izzy colored them with magic markers and then cut them out. But this year, we glued them to a heavier foam type paper.

When the apostles and Jesus were all colored and cut out, I had Rosie color the table wear.

Then I used that heavy craft foam to make a table. Mr. Pete then graciously cut some wood that I could glue my foam table to so that it would have some weight to it.
last supper craft 005

I think it turned out rather well and will look nice on the table for dinner tonight and for Easter dinner. I also think this would be a great craft for First Communion kids to try out.

Here are our results -

last supper craft 001

last supper craft 002

last supper craft 003

last supper craft 004

Lacy also supplies the names for the apostles.

last supper craft 007

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