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1. Because of the economy and the phase of life Mr. Pete and I are in, we certainly are getting some interesting caveats to social invitations.  We are invited to one wedding out of town where it was very clear that the kids were NOT invited.  I'm unclear about how we will handle that one as I am uncomfortable leaving teenagers in charge of their little sister - because the teens tend to get involved with the angst and excitement of their teenage lives and then forget their little sister even exists!  Then we got an interesting non-invitation that went something along the lines of, "our child is getting married, but you're not invited because we have too many other people to invite, please don't be mad."  I get it.  Weddings are expensive.  I might even have to do the same thing myself some day.  When did sharing joy  and happiness at one of life's most special events get so complicated?

2. Speaking of interesting dates - Calvin graduates from paramedic school on June 22 - which just happens to be the third anniversary of my mother's death, and the eve of my daughter's 13th birthday.  I think it's interesting the way certain dates attract so many occurrences.  This particular event is interesting to me because Calvin and Mom never quite got along.  They just had a bad chemistry between them.  But Mom always wished Calvin well and I'm sure if she's in heaven she is praying for his continued success.

3.  Izzy and I went to the training class for the new Singer Curvy Sewing Machine I purchased this spring. I was pretty impressed with this machine because it handles thick fabrics like denim very well and it's easy to use.  It also has an automatic threader which I think as my eyes get older will be easier for me to do.  I bought my last machine in 1978 - so I think I was due!


It was fun to learn about the machine with my daughter - this is the kind of stuff I dreamed about doing with my little girl every since she was a baby!
aPRIL 21, 2012 006

4.  I had a few debates this week over on the Huff Po, and when the Catholic Church was the topic (for example here  a discussion about IVF and here about the Ryan budget) some folks always manage to bring up the priest scandal.  Yes, it takes quite a bit of twisting and finagling to get it out there, but someone always seems to manage.  I did find a quip that tends to shut down some of it.  I simply say, "That's sooo 2002!"   I guess for some folks who pride themselves on being hip to the latest and greatest, that's enough.

5.  Of course, some other people are still beating the church up about Galileo and the Inquisition - so it doesn't always work.  But it does cut the adversaries out of the conversation by about 1/3.

6.  Speaking of the priesthood - my nephew is discerning a vocation as a priest and so he and my sister went up to the diocesan seminary to check it out.  I guess it was a special day for young men looking into the priesthood.  My sister said that it was a glorious and joyful thing to hear so many male voices raised in song during mass.  I get the impression that vocations to the priesthood might be on the rise in my diocese.  It's certainly exciting to think my nephew might be part of that!

7.  My 14-year-old is thinking about it too but he still has to start high school.!  I am trying to keep all the options open for him, just as I did for my other sons.  If he decides to go to the seminary I do not want him to feel pressured from me in any way - just support.  At the same time though I have loaded his courses up with Latin and some bible study from Homeschool Connections.  But mainly, I just want him to enjoy being a kid for now.

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