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Carbonite leaves Rush - another reason to choose Mozy

I have been a Mozy user and affiliate for a number of years now and have been quite happy with their service.  Some of my past posts have included:
Mozy and homeschooling ebook backup.
What's Your Backup Plan?
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Last week's brouhaha over Catholic institutions' right to choose NOT to violate their consciences by providing contraception coverage in their insurance plans as highlighted by the infamous/activist Ms. Sandra Fluke's "testimony" and Rush Limbaugh's unfortunate comments with the ensuing  apology, and Carbonite's subsequent pull of its advertising, made me appreciate my association with Mozy even more.

Rush and Carbonite, the other computer backup system, had a long history.  In fact, I first learned about off site computer back up by listening to Rush's show and the commercials about Carbonite.  I even had Carbonite on one of my computers for a while for the free trial and absolutely loved it.  But at the time, money was tight and I couldn't afford the $59 up front yearly fee for the service. So I did some searching and found Mozy Back up Systems at a very affordable low monthly rate.  I've been a subscriber ever since and became an affiliate shortly after.

Mozy backs up my computer regularly every day so I never have to worry about that.  I have also had the need to have my files returned to me when my hard drive died.  As I recall there was a short waiting time and then I got it all back - sweet!  and very worth the anxiety and headache losing all my files would have cost me!

But now I'm even more pleased that I went with Mozy instead of Carbonite.  Carbonite has a  blatant  double standard over the kinds of free speech it will and won't stand for. And while it is all concerned about offending its female customers I guess it doesn't care much if it offends its Catholic customers. So I'm sure they won't miss me.  Or my husband and his business - or my sons and what they use on their computers.

I'm not the only one who feels this way either.  A Tow Dog expressed this nicely in their post, "LAST note to Carbonite; I chose Mozy over you."

Maybe Carbonite will eventually regret it's hasty retreat - Carbonite stock plummeted after its decision to abandon the Limbaugh Show. 

In the meantime I'm sending a letter of appreciation to Mozy and intend to continue my Mozy Online Backup  for only $5.99/Month