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Lenten Links

Just to get you started - here are my links for Lent and Easter.  I'll be adding more as time permits and they will be placed in my Lent links pages.  Enjoy!

Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras
From Daniel Bean
What is Shrove Tuesday
Shrove Tuesday

Lenten Reading
40 Days to a More Organized Home
The Great Lent
Lent with Children
And Jesus Wept
Happy Catholic Reading List
Falling in Love with Lent Again
The Meat Police
Coffee and my Inner Jesuit
Loveliness of Lent

Lenten Recipes
Hula Pizza
Fasting Bread for Lent
Tasty Tuna Casserole  from the Simple Dollar Blog
What's for Dinner!!

Lenten Resources
The Anchoress -Lots of Links
Saving the Rest of Lent
Pick Me Ups for the Homeschooling Mom
40 Ways to Improve your Lent
40 Ways to Get More out of Lent
Holy Heroes!
More resources for Kids

Examination of Conscience
Mother's Examination of Conscience
Children's Examination of Conscience
Examination of Conscience for School Children
Father Hardon Examination of Conscience
Father Alberione Examination of Conscience

Lenten Arts and Crafts
Crown of Thorns Recipe
Good Deed Bracelet
The Last Supper

Lent In My Domestic Church

Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross
Way of the Cross for Holy Souls in Purgatory
Cukierski Family Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross Reflections
St.Francis Stations of the Cross

The Triduum
Holy Thursday
The Learning Experience of Holy Week

When is Easter

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