Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Daily Domestic Clips 12/28/2011 (p.m.)

  • Father V. had a wonderful homily for the children's mass this year.  Here is a part of it but head on over to Adam's Ale to read the rest.  When (and if) it gets posted over on the church web site, I'll link it here. 
    • Twas the night before Christmas
       And packed was the Mass.
       Not a creature was stirring?
       Not even a chance.

       The cars were all parked
       In imaginative places
       For in the small lots
       There were no more spaces

       And many a wife
       To her husband thus talked
       “We parked so far away
       We could have just walked”

       All the people were stuffed
       10 or 12 to a pew
       Perched 2 to a chair
       Such a crowd the Mass drew.

       Each grown up was fussing
       With some consternation
       Trying to follow
       The new Mass translation.
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