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Feast of St. Francis

Sam in a St. Francis costume we made a few years back.

It's always a little hard to celebrate a neat feast day during the busy week! I wrote a little about how we celebrated the Feast of St. Francis back in 2007.

My parish nowadays is very open to helping us celebrate feasts and in honor of St. Francis, our Deacon blessed the pets this past Sunday. A day inSeptember 287

It was a beautiful blessing about how God has given us the animals to bless our lives. However, it was a little hard to hear it all due to the wind and the whines, whimpers and protests of our canine friends.

A day inSeptember 286

Noah holding our dog Sophie, while the good Deacon blesses her!
A day inSeptember 290
A day inSeptember 289

A day inSeptember 291
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