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Darling Yueyue - a poem

Dear China I want to cry.
You left a beautiful baby girl to die
She was in the street & was hit by a truck.
Not only once but twice she was struck.

... Dear China I want to cry, when I
Hear how most of you just walked by
How could anything in the world be more pressing?
Than an injured child, for a child is a blessing.

Dear China I want to cry
For that one brave woman, who pulled her aside.
She called for help, pleaded and implored
But all her cries you ignored

Dear China I want to cry
I can’t understand & want to know why
I watched Darling Yueyue, so fragile and small
As her mother held her she was like a rag doll

Dear China I want to cry
I watched the video with my own eyes
Your people need to be set free
Of pathetic laws and your decree’s

Dear China I want to cry
For darling Yueyue, you all walked by.
This baby girl who is only two.
I wonder would it be different if it was any of you?

Dear Darling Yueyue
You are only two.
If I had a magic wish it would be
That you would live to one hundred and three.

Darling, Darling Yueyue…

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