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Another funny from the IRS

I wrote back in July that I had gotten a notice from the IRS that I had underpaid my income taxes and they were charging me for the back taxes and the interest. I transferred money into my checking,sent it off via certified mail and then made sure they took the money out of my account.

That was it. I figured I was now settled up.

But it was not to be. Apparently it took three weeks, from the middle of August to the middle of September, for my tax to go from Columbus, Ohio (the address they told me to send it to) to somewhere in New York state. And because of that delay, even though I paid the entire amount in full, they are charging me $12 in interest. I called the number on the sheet and as of today, I owe $12.17!

So since I am unsure where the money will go after I send it to New York, and am now pretty sure they will penalize me for any time it takes to get there (because they are apparently still using pony express mail delivery) I will be enclosing $15 to make sure all the interest is paid - with instructions to apply the left overs, if any, on the national debt!

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