This is the kind of stuff that keeps you humble!

I found a woman on Facebook that used to be part of our local homeschooling group. I remember having a delightful discussion with her at the homeschool picnic about her family and life in general. We even went to their home once for a nice bible study. So I requested to be her friend on facebook.

I'm sorry but I do not recognize you, Elena. My apologies if I should. Can you give me an update before I confirm you as a friend?
Many thanks@

I am a homeschooler and we met through ARCHE. We were at your home onetime for a summer picnic, I think you were pregnant and supposed to be off of your feet at the time. We went to bible study at your home and my husband lent your husband a drywall nailer once too.

Wow, you have a better memory than I do.

She friended me and then subtly unfriended me as well!
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J & A said…
I'm a first-time reader (clicked on the BlogHer sidebar thingamajig on someone else's blog) and this made me seriously laugh because the same thing happened a few years ago when I friended a co-worker who shared my cube wall. I guess the discussions about her intestinal problems, how much she hates Congress and the escapades of her wayward daughters weren't enough to solidify any sort of memory of me... :D Too funny!