Monday, August 15, 2011

Simple Woman

Outside my window...
This isn't exactly outside my window, but here is a scene of the beautiful acreage my sister and I pay the property taxes on way up in Michigan. The family and I took a walk over it last weekend - it truly is beautiful and tranquil.

Aday in August 2011 189

Aday in August 2011 178

Aday in August 2011 190

I am thinking...
about the neighbor kids going back to school - and how I can't wait!
I'm think about how it is Noah's last year of cross country and what a fine runner he has become and wondering how I can keep it going for him.
I'm thinking about how afraid I am for Sam's future if he doesn't step it up and get going on his College Plus work.

I'm thinking about much I have to do to get ready for the school year.

I am thankful ...
for my Aunt Dot - 91 years old and sharp as a tack. She keeps her body in good shape too with regular exercise. I have always admired her for her spunk and courage. I wish I could be more like her.

Aunt Dot leads the first tour de Leckrone

From the learning rooms...
We got our evaluations done last Friday and I am so glad that is over with!! I am always so nervous but Dr. Holinga makes me feel so reassured.

Now I have to get started on the re-notification process - which is a real pain in the butt every year, although I guess Ohio isn't that difficult of a state to work with.

From the kitchen...
Since today is the Feast of the Assumption, we are going to have a white dinner in honor of Mary. Chicken, rice, and a white cake for desert.

I am wearing...
Long athletic pants, pink top. Comfortable but yet practical for going to noon mass today for the Feast of the Assumption.

I am remembering:
mama. One of my cousins asked me how I was getting along without her. Interestingly she had lost her mom too in the last few years. We were able to commiserate with each other for a little bit. I am envious of all the adult women who have their moms. I wish I still had mine. At the same time, I recognize that she was a very, very good mother and it makes me strive a little harder to be that for my own kids.

I am creating...
my plans and notifications for homeschooling for my local board of education.

I am going...
to discourage my remaining four children from developing "relationships" during high school. The focus on high school should be learning, developing talents and strengths and not these intense relationships.

I am reading...
Cut your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family.

I am hoping...
Mr. Pete gets his side job done soon because I am really, really, really tired of these 14 hour work days! 

Around the house...
Planning and organizing.

Pictures I am sharing:

Rosie and Izzy
My Beautiful Daughters

Aunt Dot  2011 reunion
My favorite Aunt

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