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New Teacheritis

OK, all of you moms who send your kids to school every year go through this in a much bigger way than I am but... in less than an hour my kids will meet their new piano teacher - and I am soooo nervous!

Let me back track a little to say that at the end of last year I was feeling pretty smug. We had been with our piano teacher since 2003 and we liked her and were use to her routines. Gabe had been with his drum teacher for two years, Izzy was thriving at the art center, and our wonderful math tutor was coming every week to help us through algebra, geometry and pre-calc!

Since then, Gabe's teacher moved away, the piano teacher retired, and the math tutor has changed schools so he now has to travel a little longer to see us. It's a little unnerving.

But of all the changes the new piano teacher worries me the most. She sounds wonderful, and qualified and professional and I'm sure she will be an excellent teacher. I am also looking forward to having her play my mom's Steinway. But I had a problem with a young woman who was a brand new teachers before, and that has sort of scared me a little bit. Once burned twice shy as they say.

So I guess right now I am praying that we love her and that she loves us, and that the kids will have a great relationship with her for years to come and hopefully this will be the last piano teacher I ever have to get!