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My Daily Domestic Clips 08/31/2011 (p.m.)

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  • Some funny comments about the mass when it changed back in 1970!

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    • On the way home from Church on that first Sunday of Advent, 1970, I joined my  parents’ grumbling chorus:


      “Why does the Creed say, ‘We believe” instead of “I believe’? How do I  know what the guy sitting behind me really believes?  I want to speak for  myself.” (That was Dad.)


      “They’ve taken all the poetry out of the mass. It was a more elevated type of  language before. This sounds like a third grade reader.” (That was Mom.)


      “And now it just says plain ‘Church’ instead of ‘holy Church’ during the  Offertory. Like the Church isn’t holy anymore?” (that was 11-year-old me chiming  in, proud to be part one of the Grumbling Grownups.)

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