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My Daily Domestic Clips 07/16/2011 (a.m.)

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    • This Easter, 31-year-old Abigail Seidman  will take communion as a Roman Catholic for the first time.  Taken alone,  this is hardly earth shaking. But Seidman is no ordinary convert. Seidman is the  daughter of a former nurse at the Toledo, Ohio Center for Choice, the latest  former-feminist to take center stage as an anti-choice activist.

    • Her own abortion, she continues, caused  tremendous grief, and Seidman tells any-and-all that, before becoming a  believer, each anniversary was marked by despair. “I’d been to counseling and  was on anti-depressant drugs but nothing was working. When I went online all the  post-abortion sites said that healing begins with Jesus. I thought to myself,  ‘Jesus won’t accept me,’ but I bought a Bible anyway and started reading. One  afternoon I prayed, ‘If you’re out there and if I’m acceptable to you, I will  accept you.’ I instantly felt something—a strange feeling… There’s no  forgiveness in atheism. The things you do just stack up.”

    • Seidman’s heartfelt testimony puts her  alongside a handful of other anti-choice turncoats, people who have gained fame,  and perhaps fortune, by switching sides. Among the most prominent: Norma  McCorvey [the original Jane Roe], the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson [a NARAL  founder], and Abby Johnson [former Director of a Texas Planned Parenthood  affiliate].

  • Great list of books for the homeschool teacher by Heather at Sprittibee

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