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1. Well blogger has changed it's whole posting platform which is quite a shock to my system! It will take a little getting use to, so please give your Blogger or Blogspot bloggers some slack as they get use to this big change!

2. It turns out that my son Calvin was taking a big test yesterday as well! He is hoping to continue his education with paramedic training at a local hospital in the fall. I haven't heard from him about how it went or any of that.

3. Sam did not fare well on passing his CLEP in natural Science. He missed passing by 3 points. So disappointing for all of us, but in a way not surprising as he really did not study as hard as he should have over the holiday weekend. That might have made all the difference. But so as not to waste any more time, his College Plus coach wants him to pursue the Biology test. It seems a good fit. Natural Science was 50% biology, so he already has a good leg up on the terminology but will just need to go into more depth.

4. So today Sam and I are going to visit a young man he knows from soccer who has taken CLEPS for the last two years and is now ready to start at Thomas Edison for degree. I want him to show Sam how much time and dedication this is going to take because believe it or not, I don't think Sam fully gets that.

5. The only thing that makes me feel good about this failed CLEP is that Sam paid for it with his own money. I think that made a bigger impact on him.

6. Noah is preparing to run a 5K on July 30. He can just about run that distance and in pretty good time too. I'm hoping by the end of the week he will have it. The route he has been taking is mostly a gentle uphill slope so that is helping to build his strength and endurance. Calvin is supposed to be running it with him, but I'm not sure he's training for it. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

7. Heard a very uplifting webinar by Lee Binz, the Homescholar, last night. She homeschooled her boys through high school, used her own curriculum, made her own transcripts and got her boys big scholarships for college. Really loved hearing her success story after our difficult set back.

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