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For Catholics from the last 50 years asking - "What the heck happened"

Like him or loathe him, I don't think many could deny that Michael Voris does his homework! In his most recent RealCatholic Video, Mr. Voris goes step by step to show how the acceptance of contraception has destroyed the family and torn apart the church.

I have taken the anti-contraception stance many times in Catholic forums and have had the "birth control commission" thrown at me more times than I can count. This video finally reveals why Pope Paul VI allowed so many dissenters on the comission and and gives us a vew to what he was truly trying to accomplish.

But if you are a child of poor catechesis from the last 50 years, I would also recommend reading the late Ralph McInerney's book, What Went Wrong with Vatican II.  That book, along with Mr. Voris's video did a lot to put some of the pieces together in my mind of how three generations could be lost to the faith.

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