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When A Church Leader Disappoints Us - The Father John Corapi Edition

Gee whiz, this is the second one of these for 2011! I wrote about another priestly downfall back in February.

The first time I heard Father Corapi's story I was mesmerized. A wordly sinner with money and riches who finally humbles himself and comes to Christ- it is a truly great story. So great in fact, that I had my impressionable young sons listen to it as well. If such a great sinner could turn his life around and even become a priest, surely there was hope for the rest of us!

But there were a few red flags flown up for me over the years. I heard it was difficult if almost impossible to get Father Corapi to come to speak because of the cost. That seemed odd to me because my parish had been able to get Scott Hahn and Matthew Kelley as speakers. I wondered why Father Corapi would be so much more?

His appearance changed too from  this

to this

and then this!

All a little troubling.

And then the scandal news and finally this odd announcement from Father Corapi himself. In retrospect, I was glad that I hadn't encouraged my children to follow Father Corapi on EWTN and elsewhere, because I think this latest turn of events might have been very confusing for them.

As parents, looking for role models for our Catholic Children, in the wisdom of the church we really can not do better than the actual saints! For these are men and women who have actually run the ENTIRE RACE, had their lives examined and scrutinized and found to be authentically holy.

Father Corapi had some good things to say. So did Father Euteneuer, but the message gets marred when the messenger falls from grace. And as I've mentioned in past posts, the men and women who are truly in leadership are under constant attack from Satan. Perhaps it shouldn't even surprise me when they mess up - it's probably more miraculous when they don't. But as a mom trying to lead impressionable children, in the future I'm sticking primarily with St. John Vianney, St. John Bosco, Father Damien and the Sts. Theresa

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