My Lent 2019 Book List Plans

Is this the year you really want to dive into Lent? Do you want to come out of this Lenten Season and truly feel that you've had a small share of living in the desert with Christ for 40 days? I know that I do. Maybe it's an upcoming birthday that's making me have more of a now-or-never type of attitude towards Lent. Or maybe I just acutely feel the necessity of truly modeling this for my children, and living it with my husband. Whatever it is, these are the books and resources I'm going to use this Lent to really LIVE the season from Ash Wednesday all the way through to Easter Vigil. Look them over. If something looks helpful to you, use it. If it inspires you, go with it. I hope all of these bless and encourage you.

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Simple Woman

Outside my window...
Aday in June2011 031

I am thinking...
about how busy June will be!  I have 4 weddings in 3 weeks to cover at church, Sam's graduation, a concert that Sam and Gabe will be performing a small part in, the boys going to the youth conference, and a speaker coming to our homeschool group to give a talk for College Plus!  July doesn't look much better.
I am thankful ...
for my wonderful, busy life.

From the learning rooms...
After being sick last week I am again rebooting this week with post-civil war for history, more in General Science, another Little House book for Izzy and Huckleberry Finn for Noah and Gabe, maybe Izzy too. We are also learning a bit about Edgar Allen Poe.

Sam should be ready for his CLEP test next week- finally!

Izzy is drilling on her math facts before I put her into the next math book. And then we're going to do some home painting and scraping and gardening- that should count as phys ed AND home economics.

From the kitchen...
I cooked a turkey before it got too hot. Rachel Ray Smashed potatoes, and a salad!

I am wearing...
Brown capries, black T-shirt that I got for my birthday!

I am remembering:
Mama - always. Especially this month.

I am creating...

or rather I created a blog post that the folks that BlogHer liked!   They're going to feature it tomorrow in the Family Area, so yea!!!!!

I am going...
to work out with my new kettlebell that I got for my birthday!  Looking forward to something different and challenging.  I also got the Bob Harper Kettlebell workout.  That's gonna hurt!

I am reading...


Review to follow!

I am hoping...
that Sam takes that CLEP test SOON!  Mr. Pete is starting to lose patience and so am I.  I told him that if he doesn't buckle down and start to focus, I'm done.  He can take the GED and handle his own future!  The problem, of course, is that he is easily distracted by his girlfriend and her busy social life. I don't begrudge Sam his fun, but he really has to put in the study time too and I think at this point in his life, that has to be the higher priority.
I am hearing...
the buzz in my ears and the humm of my computer.
Around the house...
Aday in June2011 067
Aday in June2011 063

A picture I am sharing:  
Scenes from Rosie's 6-year-old birthday party.
Aday in June2011 036

Aday in June2011 034
Izzy made the cake!
Aday in June2011 029

Aday in June2011 045

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  1. That’s a lot of weddings! We have had more than normal this year at our church. And my own daughter is getting married in less than 2 months (yikes!), but at her fiance’s church.

    What a cute cake. And the birthday party looks like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your Daybook.


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