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Works for Me Wednesday - Buck Schirner narration of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Gabe and Noah and I just got done reading Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriett Beecher Stowe. It's the biggest book either of them have ever read, so to keep them moving along, I got the audio book from the library as well.

The audio book, narrated by Buck Schirner  was very well done.  Mr. Schirner has a pleasant voice and was able to give each of the various characters a unique voice.  When he was talking as Uncle Tom, I could tell it from across the room.  Likewise his reading as little Eva was feminine and childlike.  What a true gift it must be to be able to do the voices for a book like that!

The kids really enjoyed it and I think it made it much easier for us to get through the book than if I had simply assigned it to them to read alone. 

I see that Mr. Schirner has narrated a number of books, and I would try any of those selections without hesitation, knowing that he is an outstanding and gifted narrator.

Works for me.

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