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Works for Me Wednesday - audio book Bull Run

My kids and I have been studying the Civil War and I have been trying to find ways to make it seem more real for them. On a recent long car trip we had the opportunity to listen to Bull Run by Paul Fleischman. Narrated by a variety of people of different ages, genders and race, Mr. Fleischman manages to tell the story of this Civil War battle from the outside in, giving a full "tapestry" of the event and the people it affected.

History can be dry and boring - a collection of facts and dates. But it shouldn't be this way. History is first and foremost a STORY full of comedy, drama, tragedy and romance. Good books like Bull Run help to bring the past to life, and this audio book held the attention of everyone in the car from my kindergartner, high schoolers and tweeners - up to and including my husband. I would highly recommend this audiobook to any homeschoolers or parents wishing to learn more about the battle of Bull Run, or to just spice up a civil war history lesson.

Works for Me.

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