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Outside my window...
Gayle's Wedding 010

I am thinking...
that mother's day is going to be one of those events to dread every year - full of memories,tinged with sadness and not really living up to happy expectations (even low ones).  

From the kitchen...
I got some Church's Fried Chicken yesterday for Mother's Day (a guilty pleasure).  I took the left over chicken, cut it up and put it in a bed of spinach and different greens with some cheese and croutons - a yummy crispy chicken salad!

I am wearing...
Black paints, purple knit shirt

I am remembering:
trying not to.

I am creating...
an apologetics argument.  Got a request to help in a discussion to rebut an agnostic/atheist type with  all kinds of scientific and other arguments against faith.  Won't bore you with the details but in response to this:
I am simply asking people to voluntarily think - with an open mind - about different possibilities.

I wrote: 
Open mindedness goes two ways.  We just celebrated Easter. 2000 years or so 12 simple men, left their lives as they knew it to go spread the news about this man Jesus who was humiliated and executed as a common criminal.  These men could not be stopped and without a lot of education, without weapons, without anything other than renewed enthusiasm they faced ridicule and even death to travel miles from home to tell everyone about this man.  All but one of them was savagely killed for doing so.  The one that survived was tortured several times, even as an elderly man, but would not recant, and would not back down. And more amazingly they all got people to believe in what they were saying -and many of these people faced cruel and tortuous deaths but would not turn away.  Were they all insane? part of a cult? or... maybe, just maybe this Jesus Christ was who he said he was and these very early Christians knew it because of the way the apostles lived their lives and told their stories. Perhaps you can open your mind to the possibility of that?

I am reading...

Two excellent audio books I heard this weekend
Into the Dust

Bull Run

A picture I am sharing:  
Gayle's Wedding 038
My niece's wedding
Gayle's Wedding 023
My wonderful family at the wedding (extended family too!)

A video I'm sharing:
From Sam and Gabe's gig on Friday.

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