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My Daily Domestic Clips 05/09/2011 (a.m.)

  • tags: mothersday motherhood sorrow poetry

    • Mother's Grave
      Away in Hills of Tennessee,
      Upon a lonely Hill,
      Is my dear sweet Mother's grave,
      She is sleeping so peacefully still.

      I think of her upon this day,
      It's Mother's Day as you know,
      Oh! how I miss my Mother
      If I could only tell her so.

      If I could kneel by my Mother's grave,
      If I could I would be so proud,
      If I could tell her how much I love her,
      And some day I would be in the crowd.

      If I could kneel by my Mother's grave,
      Upon this Mother's Day,
      And just pray to God in Heaven
      That some day I'de hear her say,

      Come unto me all my children,
      We are all at home at last,
      Then we would rejoice forever,
      And forget all about the past.

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