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Keeping me humble -out of the mouths of babes.

I am not a saint.

I am most certainly not a martyr - which is partly why I keep this blog. But once in a while something happens that helps me keep it real and makes me humble.

Case in point - Last week, primarily for Mr. Pete's side of the family I:

* Handled reservations and arrangements for attending our niece's wedding

* Selected, ordered, paid for, and arranged for delivery of the wedding present

* Bought a gift for another niece's first communion, gift wrapped it and brought it to the wedding to give to her.

* Bought mother's day cards for all of the godmothers.

* Put pictures of each child in each card and sent them off.

Yet when we arrived at the wedding this past weekend, our 8-year-old niece (and soon-to-be first communicate) called out, "Hey there's Uncle Peter and Aunt What's-her-name!"


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