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Small Successes


1. Every time I start to doubt whether it was a good idea for me to try to homeschool high school, something like this happens -

Last week after Stations of the Cross, a friend of mine came up and asked me to pray in front of our local abortion clinic as part of the annual 40-Days for Life Campaign. It was our parish's day to help out and she was trying to have the entire day covered. So since Calvin and Sam and Mr. Pete were all working, I decided to accept and take Gabe with me. Gabe - my 15-year-old, long-haired, drummer/singer/songwriter, stood with me on the busy street and prayed four rosaries (yep, we got through Sorrowful, Luminous, Joyful and Glorious!) He didn't complain and he wasn't embarrassed.

It was actually quite awesome.


2. I picked up a nasty piece of malware on the web yesterday. And although my AVG virus protection alerted me to it and quarantined the threat, it did a a number on my registry. I didn't know this had happened until I turned no the computer today and couldn't access Word, iTunes or anything on my Control Panel. It did let me get on Internet Explorer though so I could research the problem. Long story short - I fixed it myself!!

3. It's official - Rosie is teaching herself to read. She recognizes color words, and family names. I'll tell ya - God really gave me the variety pack when it came to kids and their reading abilities!

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