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My Daily Domestic Clips 04/19/2011 (a.m.)

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    • The cause for the beatification of Archbishop Fulton Sheen is set to advance next month when Bishop Daniel J. Jenky of Peoria will present the Pope with the position paper summarizing the life and virtue of one of America’s most beloved television evangelists.

      Ave Maria Radio has announced that Bishop Jenky, who became the Bishop of Competence sponsoring Sheen’s cause in 2002, will present the position papers, known as a “positio,” to the Pope on May 25, at which time it will be handed over to the Congregation for Saints’ Causes. The filing of the positio is the initial step in the Vatican’s process to determine whether an individual should be beatified and canonized as a saint.

      Once this step has been completed, an investigation can begin into a miracle that may have occurred as a result of prayer to Archbishop Sheen. Msgr. Stanley Deptula, executive directcor of the Archbishop Sheen Foundation, said the foundation believes a miracle has already been granted through the intercession of Bishop Sheen, but would not release details, as is usually the case when a miracle is under investigation.

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