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Works for Me Wednesday- guitar birthday cake

My artistic daughter, Izzy, wanted to make Sam's birthday cake this year. That girl watches all the cake shows on t.v. and is begging me to let her take a cake decorating class.  So when she wanted to take on this project, I thought it would be good for her to see if this is something she would enjoy  (I had a sheet cake on standby- just in case!)

She made a paper template from one of Sam's numerous guitar magazines. She baked a regular chocolate cake and after taking it out of the pan she used the template to cut her cake into the shape of a guitar. The pieces she cut away helped to make the neck of the guitar. Mr. Pete, the musical instrument technician by day, suggested using Graham crackers to support the cake neck. Licorice was used as the strings and skittles provided the pegs and other guitar detail. It was fun and Sam loved his guitar cake to celebrate his 18th birthday!
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