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Exercise - maybe it's no longer optional?

The week between Christmas and New Years, I managed to exercise five times! I didn't have to homeschool, so I got up, got dressed, went down into the basement and worked out hard, and felt great afterwards!

But since we have started school again I have been lucky to get one day in a week, although I've managed to keep Saturday and Sunday morning workouts.

Last week, I noticed that I was pretty achey all week - in my back, around in front of the rib cage, sometimes lower. Of course in my head I thought about all the possible things that this could be, everything from a gallbladder attack to the Big C (because naturally the C- word is always there now). And then I remembered that the week between the holidays, I felt great. Muscles were sore, but that was workout soreness. The rest of me felt great.

So today I did The Transfirmer Series Aerobic Body Shaping and I have noticed that the pain I was feeling has been very minimal.  I'm wondering then, if moving just about every day is going to be mandatory for me to feel my best instead of just losing weight and keeping fit, and if my day won't start with "if" I have time to workout but "when" will I work out.  I also wonder if this is part of perimenopause?

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