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My Daily Domestic Clips 10/26/2010 (p.m.)

  • I never understood how this made much sense anyway.

    • "A simple reason to oppose the use of credit history for job applications is the sheer, profound absurdity of the practice," said Chi Chi Wu, a staff attorney at the National Consumer Law Center. "Using credit history creates a grotesque conundrum. Simply put, a worker who loses her job is likely to fall behind on paying her bills due to lack of income. With the increasing use of credit reports, this worker now finds herself shut out of the job market because she's behind on her bills. This phenomenon has created concerns that the unemployed and debt-ridden could form a luckless class."
  • How cool is this!
    "Our newbook-making robot, and your vehicle to millions of books—in minutes.Paige...Prints books from a growing catalog of 3.6 million books, including titles from Google digital files and public domain databases—along with previously inaccessible works. Creates a library-quality, perfect bound, acid-free 300-page paperback book in roughly four minutes. These books are indistinguishable from paperbacks produced by major publishing houses. Represents a revolution in the book world, allowing readers to get their books in a manner that is fast, local, green, and affordable. Can print your book and we can deliver it locally—same- or next day! We also deliver domestically and internationally. Provides authors with affordable, flexible printing options. There are no minimums, and you retain full rights and complete control of your work. Looks forward to printing your novel, personal cookbook, family genealogy, memoir, dissertation, personalized gift, and more."

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