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My Daily Domestic Clips 10/04/2010 (a.m.)

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    • Goldberg's mother, Emma Johnson, passed away from complications following a
      stroke on Aug. 28. The loss is difficult to get used to.

      "I used to talk
      to her every day," says The View co-host. "I'm still in the habit of
      talking to her, you know, but I just wish she were here with me."
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      What types of things did Goldberg and her mother talk
      about? "Every day she'd say, 'I'm proud of you,' " recalls Goldberg. "And I
      would respond, 'I'm proud of you.' I was very lucky to have her as a
    • "I know she had a great life," continues Goldberg, "so I can't be too sad. She
      had a great time of it. But of course I'm sad because I really miss her."

      Despite her mourning, Goldberg has found a silver lining. "We didn't
      leave anything unsaid," she explains.

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