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My Daily Domestic Clips 09/02/2010 (a.m.)

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    • Stair climbing can also strength knees, but only if the stair height is under 8
      inches. One of my favorite workout dvds is a series called The Firm. They spend a lot of time doing tall
      box climb with weights where the box height is 14 inches. I never attempt to do
      all those sets with the 14-inch box. My knees get so sore even though I do not
      have any knees problem to begin with. As a modification, I used an 8-inch step
      instead. If an exercise is exacerbating an injury, by all means modify it!
  • Great article by Lee Binz. For at least the last five years or so, homeschooling has been the fad in our local homeschool community - and that always baffled me for the reasons listed on this article.I would however, consider sending my more mature high schoolers students to a college course given in the evening. In my experience, the more serious students take the evening classes, so at least that's a plus. But even that would be a last resort.

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