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I was a little curious about what some of the die-hard supporters of the current administration were thinking now that we're almost two years into the first term and the country's current situation isn't looking that great. So I engaged one of my favorite bloggers on the topic and got her take. Which was startling. Nonetheless I wanted to see if any of her positions had merit so I'm going to examine them one at a time.

I asked her if we would have this "run away spending" if Obama hadn't won the election. She answered, "Runaway spending? I think the war has dug us into the ground. It is the elephant in the room."

So I decided to check it out and Heritage Foundation had it in pictures. The Heritage Link is also good because it allowed Liberal comments to criticize the findings and then Heritage answered the criticisms! I haven't seen anything to compelling explain how the current administration's quadrupling of the deficit is a good thing? Or how that's all Bush's fault.

So it appears that this particular myth is busted!

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