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Small Successes


1. The family survived Sam's two week's of driver's education. 24-fact filled fun hours of driving instruction packed into six evenings between 5 and 9 p.m. Glad it's over! Now we have 8 hours of in-car with an instructor and he'll be ready to get his license. Sam is the second one I've taught to drive and gotten through driver's ed. 2 down. 4 to go!

2. We also survived a week of music camp. Being homeschooled, my kids are not use to getting up every morning to be somewhere. Izzy was dumbfounded that she couldn't wear the same top two days in a row! But we managed to get up and out and even on time and the kids have had a great time. My hat is off to you moms who get your kids to school every weekday morning!

3. Also actually managed to do The Firm - Super Cardio Sculpt twice this week and can only barely feel my back injury. I feel it when I get started and then a couple of hours afterward. So that's pretty good! Slow but steady recovery.

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