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Tylenol worked - who knew?

Just to recap, on May 8th, while merrily moving a heavy kneeler around getting ready for a beautiful wedding at church, I paid more attention to the music from the balcony than to what I was doing and ended up tripping on a marble stair and smashing my back. I've been dealing with the bruising and back pain ever since.

Little things have helped. Wearing a body shaper helped keep the pain in check and Aleve and Motrin helped a little. And every day I would note that I was improving... a little. But I couldn't sit for long periods, I couldn't go up and down stairs as much as I need to, and driving is excruciating. I feel a little better after a very hot shower with the hot water beating on my back, but that's about the best that I feel. So today I wondered, what would happen if I just bought some Tylenol? The Aleve said to only take it for 10 days (I'm past that!) and the Motrin didn't make that much difference. So I bought some, and tried it, and 1/2 an hour later I could tell a big difference. A marked difference.

I did a little research and apparently Tylenol works on pain receptors in the brain, where as Aleve and Motrin relieve pain and swelling on the site. So maybe feeling better is a mirage? If so, I don't care. I got a lot more done today and I feel so much better, and for the first time since this happened, I'm thinking maybe I haven't doomed myself to a state of chronic back problems.

So either the Tylenol worked, or... this was the day it was all going to turn the corner anyway. We'll see.

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