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My Domestic Church Daily Clips 05/22/2010

  • tags: abortion, mothersloveyourbabies

    • The cardinal, when asked by reporters about abortion in the case of rape, said that rather than helping the victim of rape, an abortion actually adds a second victim – the unborn child. “The child is not responsible for how he was conceived, it is the aggressor who is responsible. We can see him (the child) as another victim.”

      Morlani has responded to the backlash against the cardinal, relating how she was conceived when her mother was 16 years old and was sexually assaulted while on a date, and how grateful she is that her mother chose life.

      "When she found out she was pregnant there was no doubt in her mind that I was her little baby and she was going to keep me and ensure that no one hurt me like she was hurt. She always felt very protective of my life while I was growing in her womb and throughout my childhood," Deborah explained.

      "My Mom made a doll named Suzie for me shortly after I was born and I still have her to this day. This little 12" handmade cotton doll has meant a lot to me over the years; she reminds me that I was a baby worth loving no matter how I was conceived. She reminds me that all babies are worth loving, no exceptions."

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